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We invite you to 21st International Petroleum and Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition of Türkiye to;

Why to Attend IPETGAS 2023?

• You Can Follow the Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploration and Production activities and Expand Your Network in the Market
Türkiye has left the year of 2022 behind as a busy year in terms of the petroleum and natural gas exploration and production activities. The governmental institutions’ and industry’s on-shore and off-shore activities planned for 2023 are more than past years. Within this concept it is targeted to;
   - Drill more than 250 new wells
   - Operate more than 60 active towers simultaneously
   - Operate 4 off-shore drilling ships
   - And maintain on-shore seismic activities with 2 seismic ships in addition to off-shore activities.
Follow IPETGAS 2023 and take the opportunity to follow those activities closely, meet with representatives of governmental institutions and industry, and strengthen your network and your collaborations

• Be the First to Learn the Latest Studies and Technologies Developments
IPETGAS is an international activity with a long-standing history covering all areas of the three disciplines of petroleum industry; geology, geophysics and petroleum engineering. You may attend IPETGAS 2023 and discuss the latest developments, strategies and renewable energy resources in petroleum and natural gas market with the authorities of the field. You can also have a chance to learn more about new technological developments, new products and business models and integrate them into your practice.

• Expand Your Network
IPETGAS creates a unique and sole platform where governmental institutions meet with leading companies of the market. In this platform you can have the opportunity to create and develop your investor / supplier network and also reach your target audience. On the other side you can introduce your services and products in the exhibition and contact your customer potential directly.

How to Attend IPETGAS 2023?

• Become a Sponsor
Conventional and unconventional petroleum and natural gas exploration, drilling, production and development activities will be included in IPETGAS 2023 program while new and renewable energy resources and latest developments and technologies in the logistics, marketing, refining and storage will be discussed in the aspects of science, technology, politics, strategy, economy and environment. On the other side what is aimed to create is an active collaboration platform for all shareholders and partners of this market that are investing or planning to invest in petroleum industry. As a company you can support this international event as a sponsor and strengthen your corporate image in the market.

• Become a Delegate
You can register and attend IPETGAS 2023 as a delegate and have a chance to follow the presentations of geology geophysics and petroleum engineering fields and the joint studies of these three disciplines in the technical sessions. As a delegate you can visit the exhibitors, enhance your network and learn more about their services and products. You can also enjoy the social program with lunches and gala dinner which will be accessible only to delegates.

• Become a Speaker in Technical Sessions
The technical sessions that will take place in IPETGAS 2023 program cover a wide range of topics. You can submit your extended abstract presentation for one of these topics by 30 June 2023. If your abstract is assessed suitable for technical presentation, you can share your experiences with other delegates.

• Become an Exhibitor
IPETGAS 2023 aims at gathering all shareholders and partners of petroleum industry together. As exhibitor you can take your booth in the exhibition, meet other companies, expand your market network, introduce your products and services and have opportunity for new collaborations.